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Technical Updates

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Technical Updates
NEW Signature Pad: The signotec Zeta.
We have developed, optimised, overcame the Corona-related delays and now it's here! Finally we can present the newest member of the signotec family. So far, the year 2020 has not had many pleasant news, but we are defying this because it is finally here: The new signature pad signotec Zeta.
The newest member of the signotec family is an unbeatable combination of two already proven signature pads - the signotec Sigma and the signotec Gamma. During development, explicit attention was paid to perfectly combining the advantages and technologies of both models: The German Design Award winning shape of the signotec Gamma and its robustness of the ER technology meet the low-cost monochrome display of the signotec Sigma. Like all signotec signature pad models, the signotec Zeta was developed completely under our own direction "Made in Germany" and combines decades of experience and competence. Thanks to the device design, the signotec Zeta is also expected to have a very long service life of the hardened glass surface of up to 30 million signatures. Furthermore, the Zeta, like all signotec signature pads, has unique security features, such as the signature and RSA encryption in the pad's secure memory.
Safe, safer, signotec: Private biometric key at the notary.
You want to work with advanced electronic signatures that comply with legal requirements and are securely encrypted, but have no way to maintain the corresponding security precautions? An all-round solution for optimal encryption is now available from signotec. With the solutions of signotec advanced electronic signatures according to the EU-eIDAS regulation can be generated. In order to meet the corresponding legal requirements in the best possible way and to obtain a very high evidential value, biometric data of the signature are recorded and RSA-encrypted in the document.
To perform such asymmetric encryption, a key pair is required. Such a pair consists of a public part, which encrypts the data, and a private part, which can decrypt the data again if required. The keys are often used and stored in form of a certificate. The overall evidential value therefore depends, among other things, on how many people have access to the private key and the probability of its subsequent manipulation. It is therefore particularly important to keep the private key safe and to record accesses, for example. The most secure solution for key storage is to deposit the key with a notary - and signotec now offers such a key generated and stored by a notary for use.
NEW Signature Pad: The signotec Delta with DHCP.
What would an innovative product be without continuous development? Exactly, no product from signotec! Therefore, we are now introducing the next generation of our signature pad signotec Delta. The new Delta pads enable the integration of devices into the network via DHCP, short for "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol". This means that the devices can be easily integrated into your environment via the network connection. The signature pad automatically "registers" itself in the network, so that - in opposite to before - no manual assignment of an IP address by the system administrator is necessary anymore.
Special signing from home, remote signing with signotec internet based service.
The separation of customers and partners due to the current hygiene conditions is currently occupying companies more than ever. However the transition from the traditional office work to a modern of signing while working from home, on the go or anywhere remotely is easy, efficient and simple with our online solution of “e-Signature Services”. Using “e-Signature Services” you can continue to work in a networked way and benefit from the simplicity of a contactless signature process without media discontinuity. Our “e-Signature Services” is based on Signotec’s “signoSign/Universal” platform which is a web-based application that can be used with signature pads on the PC as well as with mobile devices and a web browser or a mobile optional application. The solution provides the ability to sign and then send or share a document simply by using a link.
Fiducia & GAD IT AG completed a security audit on signoSign/2.
signoSign/2 software enables the creation of PDF documents, handwritten signatures and automated further processing. A handwritten signature generated in this way is an advanced electronic signature. We offer even more security with our Pad Signature Seal in accordance with the eIDAS regulation.
Fiducia & GAD IT AG completed a security audit for the use of our signature software signoSign/2. With this test the software application was verified and "[...] the security guidelines of Fiducia & GAD IT AG regarding signoSign/2 software application were confirmed", says Fiducia & GAD IT AG. Fiducia & GAD IT AG is the data processing centre of the German Volks - and Raiffeisenbanken and the companies of the cooperative financial group. Therefore, signoSign/2 is approved for use by all Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken throughout Germany.
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