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Mobile Signing

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Mobile Signing

Especially in today's world, it is hard to imagine everyday life without mobility. Fast and mobile signing via smartphones and tablets also plays an important role in rounding off processes. Corresponding solutions offer a perfect complement for flexible, mobile working. signotec portfolio includes various products for mobile working that can also be used flexibly on the move.

A web-based product which serves for the integration of an electronic signature within a workflow without media discontinuity.

signoSign/mobile for Android

An Android native Application with the capability to electronic signing and uploading PDF documents offline.

The signoAPI is a licensed programming interface and contains numerous PDF functions in order to be able to execute an ISO-compliant signature on iOS and Androit operating systems.

signoSign/mobile for Android (Offline)

The signoSign/mobile app by signotec is a native, offline Android app for digitally filling in and signing PDF documents.

The signature is in accordance with the ISO standard and meets the requirements for an "advanced electronic signature", so that the document and signature can be used as an evidence at a court.
Thus, the signing remains as simple and secure as always. However, it takes place directly in the electronic document, is protected with the digital signature and can be verified as genuine.
Please note that the software needs to be licensed and is therefore not cost-free. However, signotec grants you a free trial period.

The signoSign / mobile app allows you to digitally fill in and sign PDF documents directly on your Android mobile device (smartphone or tablet).
  • Open PDF documents from other applications (apps)
  • Fill out and save PDF form fields
  • Add digital signature fields (also automated)
  • Secure signing of the PDF document
  • E-Mail interface for sending the document
  • Add photos anywhere in the document
  • Archiving options and custom archiving
  • Dropbox interface
  • Simple configuration of the signature (color, timestamp, certificate)
  • Customization of the user interface
  • Work OFFLINE, no server or internet connection required

Basically, the signoSign/mobile app is a standalone application to open and process PDF documents.
As an integrator / developer, you can call the app via "Intent" and transfer a PDF document, which can then be processed in the app.
System Requirements

The signoSign/mobile app requires:
  • Android Tablet or Smartphone
  • Android Version 5.0 (or newer)

The app does not require any online or server connection and works OFFLINE.

Request more inforntion by sending an email at info[at]cubeiq[dot]gr

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