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Operation Tools

Signature Software

signoPAD Tools

The signotec signoPAD tools include various small software products for capturing and saving signatures as images as well as tools for changing and resetting device functions.

The signoPAD-Tools are available free of charge for all signotec signature pads.
The package is made up of useful tools that you can use for example, to record a signature through a signotec pad and use it as an image in different places. The appearance of the signature (color, line width, timestamp, resolution, etc.) can be configured individually.
In addition to capturing the signature, it is also possible to manage RSA certificates  within the device's memory.
You can also reset connected devices to factory settings.


  • signoImager/2
    Capturing and saving of the signature as an image in the system or clipboard.

  • signoIntegrator/2
    Capturing of the signature as an image and insert as graphic at cursorposition.

  • MS-Office Add-In
    Installs Ribbons in the menu bar in MS-Word and MS-Excel from version 2007.

  • RSA Manager
    Certificate management.

  • signoReset
    Resets the signotec signature pads to the factory default

signotec signoPAD tools are available in 32 Bit and 64 Bit Versions.

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signotec SlideShow Manager

The signotec SlideShow Manager is an application to upload images for a slideshow into the signotec signature pads or to configure a fixed image.
The configuration is possible locally and via the network. The desired images are selected locally with the manager and uploaded into the connected pad. It is possible to connect more than one unit to the PC. In a network the manager can copy the selected images to a central location and prepare further distribution of the images.
The network access can be configured and can be done via an UNC pad with separate access data.


With the signotec SlideShow Manager, you can manage the image memory of the device and configure one or more images for display in idle mode.
  • Configure a standby image
  • Configuration of a slide show*
  • local or network distribution of images

* The slideshow feature is not available for the signotec Sigma signature pad. The Sigma does only support a single standby image.

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Ethernet USB Adaptor Tool (XT-Admin-XXL)

With the XT-Admin XXL, signotec Ethernet-USB-adapter* can be managed and configured easily.  To do so, download the XT-Admin XXL, install it on the workstation from which you want to configure the Ethernet-USB-adapter and then follow the instruction on the user manual to configure your Ethernet-USB-adapter.

* signotec signature pads need to be connected via the signotec Ethernet-USB-adapter. Adapters from other manufacturers are not supported.
Please make sure to not to update the firmware of your adapter.
Only HID-USB signotec signature pads are supported.

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signotec signoFileGrabber

The signotec signoFileGrabber is a simple but powerful tool for folder monitoring. The tool enables the use of the software signoSign/2 in environments in which PDF documents are to be generated externally and processed (automatically) without using the PDF printer.

As soon as PDF documents arrive in the monitored input directory, they are automatically and immediately started with signoSign/2 and can be processed.


  • Reliable folder monitoring.
  • Automatic opening of incoming PDF documents.
  • Flexible operation in different environments.
  • Significantly better performance than a (network-controlled) PDF printer.
  • Cost-effective.

Tip: If you want to process documents asynchronously so that they are not opened immediately, we recommend the signotec PDF Bridge.

Request more inforntion by sending an email at info[at]cubeiq[dot]gr

signotec PDF Bridge

The PDF bridge's tabular display of the folder content allows the user to select one or more documents and move them to the next process step. For example, files can be opened for signing in signoSign/2.
Files that are fed to the PDF bridge can optionally and automatically be grouped or split ("cut").
An additional cancellation function can also delete or move incorrect documents.
The display of the table columns is flexibly configurable and results either from the information taken from the file name or from corresponding XML files that were additionally added.


  • Folder monitoring
  • Tabular display of PDF files
  • Individual column design with information from file names and possibly existing index files
  • Feeding of documents to the next process step (e.g. signoSign/2)
  • Cancellation function for deleting or moving incorrect documents
  • Grouping of documents according to file name or index information.
  • Separate ("cut") individual documents into several.

Request more inforntion by sending an email at info[at]cubeiq[dot]gr

signotec Biometric and RSA Tools

The signotec Biometric and RSA Tools make it possible to verify signatures from a document, export, visualize and compare biometric data. The package consists of two software products, the "RSA Verifier" and the "eSig Analyze".

RSA Verifier

The RSA-Verifier offers a comprehensive solution for validating and exporting the signatures of a document.
The tool is used to load a PDF document and associated keys so that signatures can be verified and exported in various formats.
  • Loading and Viewing a PDF Document
  • Verification of document integrity
  • Loading a private RSA key from a file or the Windows certificate store
  • Entering the password for the private key
  • Security Check of RSA functions (if used)
  • Display general signature data, such as timestamp, capture device, user, and computer.
  • Graphical representation of biometric data
  • Export of signature data as signotec SignData, ISO format or raw data.

eSig Analyze

With the "eSig-Analyze" signotec offers a special program for signature analysis, which was developed especially for and with writing experts.
As sources of the signatures *.pdf, *.sgn, *.tif and *.tiff files can serve. The export files *.sdb of the signotec RSA-Verifier (see above) are excellently suited for signature analysis.
The program functionality allows a detailed comparison of two signatures and carries out an automatic probability statement of the equality of the two signatures.
  • Loading signature data in SignData format (.sdb)
  • Capture signatures using a pad
  • Visualization of the 4D signature data (X,Y,Z,t)
  • Font analysis in different dynamics
  • Plays the signature in real time or slows it down
  • Graphical representation of biometric data
  • Visualization of the writing dynamics
  • Verification of two signatures for probability of equality in percent

The Biometric and RSA Tools developed in cooperation with experts and institutions enable detailed verification, visualization and comparison of signatures.

Integration (API)

The signotec Biometric and RSA Tools are tools that do not serve the integration of a signature verification or a signature comparison.
If you want to perform signature comparisons programmatically, we recommend the signotec Biometric-API.

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signotec signoSign/Universal Uploader

The signotec signoSign/Universal Uploader is a tool to open documents from the desktop easily and quickly in signoSign/Universal.

The tool can be used as a PDF printer from any application.
In addition, the context menu for PDF files is extended to upload them to the application by right-clicking.
Alternatively, the application (the .exe) can also be called from other programs.


The signoSign/Universal Uploader enables easy and fast uploading of documents to signoSign/Universal. The PDF printer can be used from quite any application.
  • Upload via PDF printer
  • Upload via context menu
  • Upload by (programmatic) transfer to the uploader (.exe)

Request more inforntion by sending an email at info[at]cubeiq[dot]gr

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