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Pads Biometrics

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Biometrics of Signature Pads

During the signature process, extensive biometric data of the signer is recorded, such as:

Pressure strength
Time history, overall duration
Number of pen lifts
Direction of movement
Writing speed and acceleration
Adding/removing points
Number of radial loops
... and others

This biometric data is encrypted and stored in the document using a unique RSA method.
In case of dispute, this data can be used for a very accurate and meaningful signature comparison in court - equivalent to the original signature on paper.

The "Secure Mode" developed in-house prevents usable data from being transmitted to the monitor for real-time display.

Electronic signature encryption

The captured signature is not only stored as an image in the document, but also as an electronic signature. The document content (HASH) and the signature are unchangeably linked and protected against changes. Subsequent manipulations are reliably detected and existing signatures are marked as invalid.
A verification of the document does not require any signotec software, but can also be carried out e.g. in Adobe Reader. Document integrity is guaranteed at all times by Adobe.

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