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Pads Integration

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Integration of Signature Pads

Integration of signature pads to an enterprise software application can be realized with several methods such as:

Using the signoSign/2 desktop signature software
signoSign/2 software application can be programmatically integrated into existing processes. The software integrator has various ways of doing this. Document signing and return of the signed file is possible in different ways.

Using the signoSign/Universal server based signature software
signoSign/Universal can be integrated into existing processes in different ways. The selected type depends on the requirements and the underlying technology of the existing customer system. However, most integrations follow a classic workflow that transfers the document to signoSign/Universal and returns it afterwards. Methods for transfering the document for signing and then storage to signoSign/Universal are:
    • Persistence Web Service (SOAP)
    • RESTless Web Service (Import)
    • Persistence Layer (Java)

Using the signoPAD-API
The signoPAD-API is a free and extremely powerful SDK for integrating the signotec signature pads. The API offers a variety of functions to interact with the devices. As an integrator, you can display content (such as images, graphics, text, buttons, etc.) and documents, manage memory, configure standby images, slide shows, and control RSA and signature functionality in the pad. This variety of functions makes it possible to control simple or very complex contents and workflows via the devices.
The individual presentation and response options to the enterprise software application offer limitless integration options. In addition, the signature can be saved in various graphic formats (with or without content of the LCD) and also the complete biometrics of the signature can be recorded and saved (encrypted).

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