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Signature Software

signoSign/Universal Server Signature Software

signoSign/Universal is a web-based product which serves for the integration of an electronic signature within a workflow without media discontinuity.

The special feature of signoSign/Universal is that it can be used both stationary with signature pads (e.g. at PC workstations) and on mobile devices.

The PDF viewer, which is based on HTML5 and JavaScript, can be called from an existing application. Within the viewer, common PDF documents can be displayed and processed. For example, it is possible to fill in existing form fields, insert handwritten notes, create signature fields and then sign the document.
The software works with all common browsers, such as Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. For the use of a signature pad only the installation of the signotec WebSocket Pad server is necessary.

As iOS or Android users, the proven signature apps are also available. These offer extended functions, such as "Open with" functionality, camera access, GPS coordinates and pen input.
signoSign/Universal is a web application for displaying, editing and signing PDF documents and can be used flexibly from any end device. Apps and a small web application are available for simple applications. For more complex use cases, the application can be seamlessly integrated.

  • Electronic signature according to ISO standard with incremental insertion of individual signatures
  • Support of common PDF formats and conformities
  • Platform independent web solution
  • Executable on all HTML5-capable devices
  • Automatic and dynamic recognition of signature positions for each document
  • Fill in and save PDF forms
  • Function for sharing with external users (remote signature)
  • Individual certificate management for signature and encryption
  • Browser and app usage support

In addition, the software offers many functions and application possibilities (more on this in the other tabs).

        signoSign/Universal Scope of Functions

        As a platform-independent system, signoSign/Universal offers numerous application areas and corresponding number of functions. These can be used flexibly in a wide range of applications, both mobile and stationary.

        signoSign/Universal is basically a PDF viewer for editing and signing PDF documents. The viewer is web-based and can be operated from all HTML5-compatible end devices. In addition to signature capture, functions for filling out PDF forms and handwritten notes are also available.

        The application can be used via mobile apps to access documents. The use of the apps is very easy, because any PDF document can be opened easily by using the "Open with..." function of Android or Apple iOS. This works from almost any app, e.g. an email attachment, a cloud storage or other apps.

        In addition to using mobile end devices, signoSign/Universal can also be used in the browser on stationary PCs with signature pads or Windows Tablet PCs. This option offers the greatest possible flexibility in the fields of application, because stationary and mobile users can be covered with a single application. This positive effect is further enhanced by integration.

        In order to integrate signoSign/Universal absolutely and as deeply as possible into existing processes, various programming interfaces are available. The signoSign/Universal functions can be flexibly integrated into almost any existing application via web service (REST/SOAP), a Java interface or app integration (Intent/X-Callback).
        signoSign/Universal Norms and Standards

        • signoSign/Universal was developed taking into account and complying with various technical and industry-specific standards in order to offer the greatest possible compatibility and investment security.
        • Support for all common PDF documents that comply with the PDF standard. PDF/A conformity is also supported.
        • Signed according to ISO Standard 19005-1:2005 and ISO 32000-1:2008
        • Signed documents can be checked at any time, anywhere and by anyone without any technical effort.
        • The biometrics can be extracted from the document according to "ISO/IEC 19794-7: Biometric data interchange formats - Part 7: Signature/Sign Time Series Data".
        • Advanced or qualified electronic signature according to EU-wide eIDAS regulation as well as trust service law (VDG)
        • BiPRO Standard 262: The standard defines the procedure for providing signatures in business processes of the insurance industry in which documents with the need to make a declaration of intent are used.

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