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Signature Comparison

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Signature Comparison

An important security aspect of electronic signatures is the ability to perform a very accurate and reliable signature comparison.

Basically, this works very similar to an original signature on paper, because even there, a reviewer (written expert) compares the typefaces and makes a statement whether the signatures are from the same person or not.

Due to much more information, this can of course take place much more precisely in electronic form. The characteristic features (biometric data) can be recorded very extensively and precisely via the input device, for example a signotec signature pad.

With the signature comparison, signotec offers a personal identification based on biometric parameters. For the signature to be used as a biometric identifier, it is necessary to record it electronically. For example, signature pads, but also mobile terminals with pen input can be used, so that high-quality characteristic features are recorded.

Biometric Characteristics

Signatures capture a large number of parameters that can then be used to compare the signature.
The features include in particular:
Pressure strength
Pressure curve
Time history, overall duration
Number of pen lifts
Angles and vibrations
Writting direction of movement
Writing speed and acceleration
Adding/removing points
Number of radial loops
... and others
The biometric data are normally recorded directly in the input device and encrypted with current standards, so that misuse can be ruled out. The biometric data can be used both for the preservation of evidence and for real-time identification.


In the case of a signature generated with signotec software, the forensic data is also embedded in the signature in order to guarantee a clear assignment between document and signature and at the same time prevent manipulation. In the event of a dispute, the data can be extracted and used for a high-quality signature comparison.
Thus the electronic signature is an equivalent to the classic signature with original ink on paper. This procedure for recording the individual signature characteristics has been investigated by independent writing experts and forensic institutes. "With regard to the detailed graphic and forensic analysis in the context of a judicially usable, font comparative authorship investigation" the usability was positively decided in an expert opinion. The expert opinion can be handed over by signotec on request.


ISO-compliant PDF signature
The biometric data is recorded in a classic digitization process for the sustainable preservation of evidence. As on paper, the data is recorded preventively and archived with the electronic document. Due to the various security mechanisms and individual encryptions, it is not possible for strangers (not even signotec) to extract the data from the customer document. Misuse can therefore be ruled out.
In case of a dispute, the biometric data can be extracted from the document and used for signature comparison. In this way, it can be reliably proven whether signatures originate from the same person or not.
  • Sustainable preservation of evidence
  • Secure PDF signature with individually encrypted biometric features
  • Protection against misuse and copying of signatures
  • Electronic archiving of a single PDF document containing all information. No further documents, protocols, system certificates or the like are necessary.
  • Compliance with legal requirements (eIDAS regulation)
  • Fulfilment of industry-specific requirements

Real-time signature comparison
Another use case is the signature comparison in real time. In various processes, it can be useful or even necessary to compare a signature immediately in order to identify a person and, if necessary, authorize processes.
In such a signature comparison, reference signatures are first stored in a database by the persons concerned. In the case of a recurring visit by the person, a signature is recorded and compared with the references from the database in order to carry out a comparison with a very high degree of accuracy. The result of the comparison can then initiate or reject further processes.
In banks, for example, this is often used in the teller/cashier area to authorise deposits/payouts, transfers and other account movements and changes.
In addition, a biometric signature can also be used for pure identification, e.g. in multi-factor authentication to open a safe.
The signotec "Biometrics API" can be used for signature comparison in real time.
  • Acquisition and comparison of many different biometric characteristics
  • High quality, very accurate and reliable comparison results
  • Fast signature comparison through compression method
  • Flexible integration into existing processes and applications

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