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Signature Software

signoSign/2 Signature Software

With "signoSign/2" you can create PDF documents, sign them by hand and process them automatically. You can use signotec signature pads, a Windows tablet PC or an Apple iPhone or iPad as input device for handwritten signatures.

This allows you to digitize your processes flexibly and easily. At the same time, you can generate legally compliant and conclusive electronic signatures (according to the ISO standard) directly within your digital document. This means that anyone can check the integrity of the content at any time without any technical effort.

Do not print any more paper "only" for the signature! Reduce costs, speed up processing and throughput times and reliably prevent misuse.
signoSign/2 offers an unsurpassed and constantly growing variety of functions to process and sign your documents digitally and automatically. This makes it possible to process each type of document ("document type") in an individual way, position signatures dynamically, save them automatically and send them by e-mail.
  • Electronic signature according to ISO standard with incremental insertion of individual signatures
  • Support of common PDF formats and conformities
  • Support of common Windows systems (PCs, laptops, tablet PCs, Windows servers)
  • Executable under Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) and Citrix (Citrix Ready certified)
  • Automatic and dynamic recognition of signature positions for each document
  • Configuration of any number of document types
  • Fill in and save PDF forms
  • Definition of placeholders (variables)
  • Confirmation and display texts during the signature process on the pad
  • Automatic saving with individual file name (e.g. placeholder, date, etc.)
  • Automatic dispatch of the signed document by e-mail
  • Attaching further documents or images via webcam or scanner (e.g. ID card)
  • User interface customization and protection
  • "Secure Mode" for secure real-time display of the signature on the monitor
  • Highest security through encryption and signature directly in the signature pad
  • CITRIX Ready

In addition, the software offers dozens of additional functions for editing the document as well as automated indexing and further processing.
        signoSign/2 Integration

        The integration of signoSign/2 into existing processes is very easy: Simply print from your application on the (installed) signotec PDF-Creator. A PDF is created and automatically displayed in signoSign/2 for signing. Alternatively, you can also open existing PDF documents directly in the software or transfer them to the application via additional interfaces.

        Within the software, you can define a set of rules for all your "document types". signoSign/2 then recognizes your document and, for example, automatically and dynamically creates the positions of the signature fields. You can also easily configure the storage location, e-mail dispatch, index criteria and much more.

        So your processes can not only be digitalized, but also automated!

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