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signoSign/Universal SaaS

Signature Software

signoSign/Universal Software as a Service

An alternative to signoSign/Universal Enterprise Edition which is installed on premises is the signoSign/Universal SaaS which is operating on the cloud.
You work in your home or office and you need to work remotely and contactless with your customers and partners. The transition from the traditional office work to a modern remote work from home or office or on the go or from anywhere still be able to interact with  your customers and partners and still be able approve and sign documents is easy, efficient and simple with our online solution of “e-Signature Services”.

Using “e-Signature Services” you can continue to work in a networked way and benefit from the simplicity of a contactless signature process without media discontinuity.
Our “e-Signature Services” is based on Signotec’s “signoSign/Universal” platform which is a web-based application which serves for the integration of electronic signatures within a workflow without media discontinuity and can be used with both stationary signature pads on the PC as well as with mobile devices and a web browser or a mobile optional application.

The PDF viewer of signoSign/Universal, which is based on HTML5 and JavaScript, can be called from an existing application. Within the viewer, common PDF documents can be displayed and processed. For example, it is possible to fill in existing form fields, insert handwritten notes, create signature fields and then sign the document.

The e-Signature Servicessolution provides the ability to sign and then send or share a document simply by using a link. This allows to sign  a document remotely in three steps:

  1. Upload document
  2. Send link to share, document is signed
  3. Download finished document

The recipient opens edits and signs the document via the link, absolutely contactless. The completed, signed document can then be downloaded from both parties for further processing.

The software works with all popoular web browsers, such as:
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox and
  • Google Chrome in all variations

For the use of a signature pad only the installation of the signotec WebSocket Pad server is necessary.

As iOS or Android users, the proven signature apps are also available. These offer extended functions, such as "Open with" functionality, camera access, GPS coordinates and pen input.
signoSign/Universal SaaS Features

>> Universal
Use signoSign/Universal anytime and anywhere – either on a PC with a pad or via smartphone or tablet.
>> Remote Sigature
Easily share documents with customers and partners to obtain signatures digitally.
>> Paperless
Work 100% paperless with fully digital handling of your business processes.
>> Legally Compliant
Generate electronic signatures in accordance with the European eIDAS Regulation.
>> Savings
Reduced processing times and material costs save considerable time and money.
>> Security & Data Protection
    • 100% digital signature processes.
    • LTV signatures (long-term-validation) for long-term verifiability of the signature.
    • Modern RSA encryption with 4,096 bits.
    • PDF signature according to ISO 19005-1:2005 and 32000-1:2008.
    • Certified data centres in Germany.
    • eIDAS and GDPR compliant.

        signoSign/Universal Advanages

        >> Legal compliance
        As a Data Security company, we attach great importance to data security and data protection. Numerous satisfied customers from a wide range of industries have relied on signotec solutions for over 20 years. The advanced electronic signatures are securely embedded within a PDF document according to the ISO standard and are recognised in court throughout Europe by the eIDAS Regulation.
        >> Save time and resources
        By introducing an electronic signature directly within your digital processes, you can entirely eliminate media discontinuity. In this way you can reduce your processing times, save valuable resources such as paper and thus increase your cash flow.
        >> Location and time independent
        Capture electronic signatures not only securely and in a legally compliant way, but also completely independent of time and location. Sign a document either at your workplace or on the road or send a document to your colleagues, customers or partners to sign.
        >> Absolutely flexible
        The solutions from signotec offer you absolute flexibility. Not only through the numerous supported application areas, but also through the immediate usability (plug and play) and additional APIs for integration into your own processes and applications.
        >> Digital and yet traditional
        Even the best digitisation strategy is of little use if the solutions are too complicated for the users. The traditional signature has been established for centuries and also has the highest acceptance in the digital environment, because it requires neither special know-how nor additional hardware or infrastructure, such as a signature card.
        signoSign/Universal Norms and Standards

        • signoSign/Universal was developed taking into account and complying with various technical and industry-specific standards in order to offer the greatest possible compatibility and investment security.
        • Support for all common PDF documents that comply with the PDF standard. PDF/A conformity is also supported.
        • Signed according to ISO Standard 19005-1:2005 and ISO 32000-1:2008
        • Signed documents can be checked at any time, anywhere and by anyone without any technical effort.
        • The biometrics can be extracted from the document according to "ISO/IEC 19794-7: Biometric data interchange formats - Part 7: Signature/Sign Time Series Data".
        • Advanced or qualified electronic signature according to EU-wide eIDAS regulation as well as trust service law (VDG)
        • BiPRO Standard 262: The standard defines the procedure for providing signatures in business processes of the insurance industry in which documents with the need to make a declaration of intent are used.

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