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signotec GmbH is the leading manufacturer of hardware and software for capturing handwritten electronic signatures.
As specialist in the field of capturing handwritten electronic signatures digitally and as technology leader for the continuous electronic handling of business processes we rationalize document management, activate saving potentials and guarantee highest security.
For this purpose, signotec offers various signature pads as well as a comprehensive range of software solutions for pads and mobile devices. All our products consist of our unrivalled quality "made in Germany" and address all companies on an international scale and in all business sectors.

signotec Success

The success story of signotec starts in 2000 in the field of software solutions for electronic signatures via pen pads and tablets. With the signature innovations as well as the proven cross-industry software solutions for mobile and stationary signing, users can digitally sign, authenticate people, create evidence-proof documents and thus optimize business processes. Electronic documents signed in this way can be verified at any time, anywhere and by anyone without technical effort.

On the road to success, the company has already set many strategic milestones with its own resources, innovation and many years of experience. Representative for this is the ground-breaking decision to no longer offer exclusively software solutions, but also to develop and produce its own hardware for signature capture. The software and hardware components are perfectly aligned with each other and guarantee a unique, data-protected interaction, which has already been confirmed by numerous patents. Signing remains as simple and secure as ever with the signature solutions from signotec.

Product and Services Portfolio

signotec offers various signature pads for different demands and possibilities for application. All pads are characterized by essential unique selling points; for example extra wide, high-quality sensors, an unsurpassed variety of interfaces, terminal server capability and much more. The quality of the digitized signature and the associated usability in court have been confirmed by an independent handwriting expert in an expert’s report.

The extensive range of self-developed software solutions also impresses with its special know-how in the field of biometric signature processing of digital signatures: from signoSign/2, the market-leading solution for handwritten signatures for signing PDF documents, to mobile software solutions and the many different modules and components required to integrate the solution.

From the electronic signature, visual and digital signature verification and signature comparison to document management - signotec offers the entire solution for this. The comprehensive know-how makes it possible to offer integral and integrated business solutions according to specific customer requirements. Thus, signotec is able to deliver complex solutions on a high qualitative, quantitative and above all security certified level. Thereby the software is innovative, versatile and easy to understand and the hardware is robust, high-quality and design-related a real eye-catcher.

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