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Epsilon PD

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Epsilon Pen Display Signature Pad

The Epsilon Touch Pen Display is a 15.6" (39.5 cm) monitor extension with pen input. It is not a signature pad. Compared to the signature pads, it is a simple monitor extension. It is connected to the PC as a second monitor. The main screen can be duplicated or extended via the monitor settings in Windows. The signature capture application (e.g. signoSign/2) then runs on the second monitor, which is the signotec Epsilon Touch Pen Display.

The Epsilon Touch Pen Display is not addressable via the well-known SDK's like the signoPAD-API and also does not have the possibilities to control the content of the screen, to display buttons or to run slide shows. The content of the display is exclusively controlled by the signature application. The integration possibilities are therefore limited.

Exactly this can be the advantage for some purposes: You do not need an SDK and all applications are supported, which also have a corresponding pen input function. In addition to displaying and signing documents, the device can also be used for notes and drawings of applications that allow this. Due to this innovative technology no integration is necessary. Developers can still use the SDK to access the coordinates of the pen and the print data. This SDK can also be used to separate the mouse movement from the pen input.

The Epsilon Touch Pen Display can be placed on the table to save space or can be brought into an inclined position with the integrated stand.

  • Monitor extension via VGA or HDMI
  • 15.6" (25.5 cm) color display with 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution
  • Batteryless pen with 2,048 pressure levels
  • Transmission rate of the 4D signature data at 250 Hz
  • Extremely robust surface with a service life of over 30 million signatures
  • 10-Point Capacitive Multi-Touch
  • Magnetic resonance technology - the surface reacts only to the pen
  • Recording of the pen movement up to 5 mm height
  • The Pen Display technology works as a monitor extension.
  • The device is recognized as a normal monitor (with pen/touch input) and can be configured via the Windows display settings. This mirrors or expands the desktop.
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