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eIDAS Pad Signature Seal

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eIDAS Pad Signature Seal
More security and trust through eIDAS pad security seal

The signotec signature pads have always been characterized by a high degree of security. With the "eIDAS Pad Signature Seal", signotec can once again offer a worldwide unique solution on the market. With an individual certificate in the pad, the pad signature seal offers an advanced company seal at the highest security level. This certificate in the pad is issued by a root certificate, which is classified as trustworthy by Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The special feature of this procedure is that the root certificate is in the "European Union Trusted Lists" (EUTL). These lists contain the accredited "Trust Service Providers" (TSP). Signatures in a PDF created with this signotec solution are marked with a green tick as trustworthy in Acrobat Reader throughout Europe. They give the pad a strong identity with which it can identify itself to systems, persons and companies in the digital world. The organization validation (OV) clearly proves the identity and trustworthiness of the signotec pad to communication partners.

With the signotec pads, it has always been possible to execute a signature directly in the tamper-proof environment of the pad. The signature creation device required for this is available in the signature pad and the necessary keys can be generated and/or stored in the device. Additional mechanisms, such as password or general write protection, prevent misuse of the stored keys.

The problem for all customers until now was that only software certificates (from trust centers or self-signed) could be used. Some of these certificates were not verifiable at all and/or were classified by Adobe as "unidentifiable" by default due to strict guidelines. The issuer of the certificate was therefore not trustworthy, so that a warning in the form of a yellow exclamation mark was displayed after opening the document. This could only be avoided by manually adding the certificates to the trusted identities or by operating their own PKI.
Since the beginning of 2019 signotec offers the possibility to have the device certificate signed by a root, which is part of the trust list of the European Union (EUTL). This means that signatures generated with this certificate are easily classified as "trustworthy" in Adobe Reader. Instead of the yellow warning you get the green tick. Thanks to this procedure, signotec is the only provider worldwide to offer an advanced electronic signature that can be verified immediately and without detours. The manual addition of the used certificate to the trustworthy identities is no longer necessary. This ensures that only authorized devices for the signature are trustworthy and that communication is secure.

The advanced electronic seal also meets the following requirements in accordance with Article 36 of the eIDAS Regulation:
  1. It is uniquely assigned to the seal creator.
  2. It enables the seal creator to be identified.
  3. It is created using electronic seal creation data that the seal maker can use with a high degree of confidence under his control to create electronic seals.
  4. It is linked to the data to which it refers in such a way that any subsequent change to the data can be detected.

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